• Architecture for Marin County and the North Bay

    Additions & Remodels

    Whether planning a new addition or remodel of your home, we develop designs that work with your lifestyle and budget.

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  • Homes

    New Homes

    Designs reflecting personal needs and sensitive to the context of each unique new home architecture.

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  • Guest Homes

    Guest Homes

    In addition to designing larger homes, remodels and additions, we also create guest home and compact house designs.

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  • Commercial Architecture Design

    Commercial Architecture

    Our portfolio includes commercial renovations and tenant improvements.

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Jeff Kroot Architect & Associates is a Marin County based architectural firm. Our designs and full service reflect personal needs and are sensitive to the context of each unique architectural plan. Use the contact form or call us today to learn how we can design for your unique needs.

Homes | Guest Homes

Jeff has designed new homes for individuals and families of all sizes. Each client’s project is unique and each site is unique and both deserve a unique architectural solution. Each home is designed to fit the needs, budget and personality of each client.
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Additions | Remodels

The challenge of a remodel is to create change in an existing structure that will meet the client’s needs and be within the budget. The challenge with an addition is to create change that also seamlessly enhances the existing structure. Both additions and remodels create the opportunity to bring an older home into the 21st century with greater energy efficiency, better planning and contemporary aesthetics.
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Jeff has designed several restaurants and other tenant improvements including a small winery.
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For fun, here are a few homes from earlier in Jeff’s career.
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